The Best Weekend Ever Part 2: Masterclass 2, Accademia, Westin Rooftop

Hello everyone!

Day two of this weekend started off with Piergiorgio del Nunzio's second masterclass, in which my scene partner and I performed part of "Caro Elisir" from Donizetti's Elixir of Love. Thanks to Natalie Hunt, our performance before coaching it was recorded on video, so here it is! Please enjoy. Piergiorgio offered tons of great suggestions for our singing, and we even progressed further through the scene later on in the session, so later you'll be able to see how we've improved! He was such a great person to work with.

For the afternoon, Natalie and I visited the famous Accademia art gallery, most famous for hosting Michelangelo's David. We spent quite a few hours there, and it marks the first time that I've been to a museum where all of the art was original. The originality of the art truly makes a museum special. Knowing that you can see the brush strokes or chisel markings of the creator of such incredible beauty elevates art to a whole different level. Sure the David was breathtaking and even more incredible to witness than I expected, but the rest of the museum was not lacking in the slightest. It was mind boggling to me how much priceless stuff could be put into one place. And then when Natalie and I think there can't be more priceless stuff, we find the musical instrument section! This area had early harpsichords, percussion, and brass, but my personal favorite was the Stradivari violin, one of only a handful of these musically unmatched violins in existence. This visit got me very, very excited to visit the Uffizi gallery, which the voice program will be providing a tour of this week. Please enjoy the photos! For most of the museum, we weren't allowed to take pictures (we were by the David, which was surprising to me), so I hope you enjoy my legal photo collection of paintings from the "little old man baby Jesus" era - where for some reason all paintings of the baby Jesus made Jesus look like an old man. Please click on the images to enlarge them.

Finally, after a home cooked meal, we visited the nearby Westin Excelsior Hotel, which is situated right on the River Arno, and features the only high-end rooftop restaurant in Florence. We kept the experience cheap by only having dessert, but we sat outside on a porch that overlooked the entire city. The views were breathtaking, and the evening was perfect. We got to watch the sun set and feel a perfect breeze as we looked out to the Duomo and the Ponte Vecchio, among other sights. 

However, as full and fun as the day was, this was the day that we were able to rest and save our energy for Sunday's adventures.

Sam KrauszComment