A Final Day in Italy: The Beach!


A very nice little part of the program is that they give us a buffer day between our final performance and our trip home to get packed, to rest up, and to do one final thing that we'd all really like to do. We spent that day at the beach! For a very cheap regional train ride, Natalie Hunt, Anna Young, Veronica Richer, Kristi Spicer, and I went to Castiglioncello, a beautiful little beach town on the Mediterranean. The day was full of swimming and sunbathing - a little too much sunbathing perhaps. Most of us ended up pretty sunburnt - the worst of us being Natalie and I, since we're both from the most landlocked part of the country and therefore have no idea how to enjoy the beach. However, the burns were a small price to pay for the perfect day we had.  


We got back from the beach around 8pm, lathered on some Aloe Vera, and spent our last night in Florence going to our favorite restaurant we had been to (besides Il Latini on my birthday) called Al Tranvai for a very satisfying last supper, and got gelato from the best place in Florence, La Sorbettiera, one last time as well. We were sad to see the trip come to a close, but it couldn't have ended in a better way.

Sam KrauszComment