The Final Performances

On Saturday and Sunday nights this past weekend, we held two performances in St. John's Episcopal Church in Florence, where we had been rehearsing and having coachings. Here I have my performance videos. All of my performances were different parts from the same opera - L'Elisir D'Amore by Gaetono Donizetti. I have them presented here in chronological order of when they happen in the show, though that is not the order I performed them in. The first video was in the first half of the second night, the second video was the finale of the first night, and the third video was the finale of the second night. All scenes are from the first act of the show.

"Quanto è bella, quanto è cara" ("How beautiful she is, How lovely she is") is the first thing that you hear from the main character of the opera. Nemorino, a poor farm worker, sings of his love for the beautiful owner of the plantation, Adina, and also sings about how he knows he's stupid for loving her so much as a man who is so far removed from her class.

This next scene is "Una parola, o Adina" ("A word, o Adina"). This is a duet between Nemorino and Adina after another more handsome and charming man asks Adina to be his wife, and she says she'll think about it. Nemorino is rather desperate in this scene, proclaiming his love to her repeatedly and annoying her at the same time, while Adina says some pretty nasty things to Nemorino to get him to stop bothering her. Both characters end up very frustrated at the end of the scene. My scene parter is Eun Byoul Song, who is about to enter the masters program at the University of Massachusetts.

This third scene is "Caro Elisir" ("Lovely Elixir"), and this is one of the turning points of the opera, and one of the comedic centers too. Nemorino is sold an elixir of love (hence the title) from Dr. Dulcamara, a con man who told Nemorino it was a magical elixir, but really it's just wine. The elixir is supposed to make Adina love him 24 hours after he drinks it, so when Adina sees Nemorino, he's drunk and happy and, strangely, not all over her. She finds this odd, so she keeps testing him and getting closer to him, and Nemorino keeps teasing her and acting care free. He knows she'll love him tomorrow, so why should he have to try to gain her love today? My scene partner is Emilyn Badgley, senior at the Eastman School of Music.

After the last performance, it was photo-op time! It was an absolute privilege getting to be with all of these amazing people over the course of the past three weeks. I learned a lot, I experienced a lot, and I grew a lot. Please enjoy!

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